Prophets of Science Fiction series just added to Netflix Instant

Sci-fi fans can now rejoice in the knowledge that Netflix has finally added the Prophets of Science Fiction series to the streaming library. Not only has it been added, but it is also available in HD. Looks like they at least got this one right.

Prophets of Science Fiction

My personal favorite of the episodes is the one on Philip K. Dick, but here is the full list of the visionaries covered in this wonderful series:

Episode 1: Mary Shelley
Episode 2: Philip K. Dick
Episode 3: H.G. Wells
Episode 4: Arthur C. Clarke
Episode 5: Isaac Asimov
Episode 6: Jules Verne
Episode 7: Robert Heinlein
Episode 8: George Lucas

Looks like it is time to squeeze another Netflix binge between Breaking Bad episodes!