Horror Movies You Should Be Streaming On Netflix Now

So you plunked down your $7.99 a month for Netflix streaming but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the crappy horror movies at your fingertips?  Fear not, there are some true gems buried in the depths of the Netflix streaming library!  If you are in to Horror Movies, here are the 10 best I have found so far and are available today:


Horror Movies #10: The Cabin in the Woods

Horror Movie #10:
The Cabin in the Woods

This is a well done tongue in cheek mash-up of all the standard horror genres that brings a whole new twist to the standard horror movie fare. I haven’t seen such a creative idea in any movie in quite a while, let alone in a horror movie which tends to cling to formulas like Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Horror Movies #9: Hellraiser

Horror Movie #9:

When Clive Barker came on the scene, he was pushed as the next Stephen King. I’m not sure if that is the case, except perhaps in the category of putrid screen adaptations of his novels, but Hellraiser is the exception. This is a great look at the darkness in Barker’s fiction, and though some of the makeup effects are a bit dated, the villains are epic and iconic.
Horror Movies #8: The Frighteners

Horror Movie #8:
The Frighteners

What would happen if you put Marty McFly in a horror movie? Well, here is your answer. Directed by Peter Jackson long before the Lord of the Rings movies, The Frighteners has a few good scares and some moments of levity that make this movie both frightening and funny.
Horror Movies #7: Pet Sematary

Horror Movie #7:
Pet Sematary

I know, Stephen King movies have a hit to miss ratio of around 1:3 but this is one of the better ones.  There is a solid dose of creepiness, undead animals and people, and a plot that keeps you watching right to the end.

Horror Movies #6: The Evil Dead

Horror Movie #6:
The Evil Dead

Even with all of the campy dialogue and the seriously dated special effects, this is still a good old-fashioned gore fest.
Horror Movies #5: The Omen

Horror Movie #5:
The Omen

If you have already seen this one years ago, it is worth another watch with a modern perspective, especially if you saw when you were young and without kids and now you have one or two little ones running around.
Horror Movies #4: Ju-on: The Grudge

Horror Movie #4:
Ju-on: The Grudge

Nobody does creepy-ass water ghosts better than the Japanese. Well, maybe the Koreans. If you are thinking, “I saw the American version already,” then you need to fight the urge to skip the original because you are missing a lot.
Horror Movies #3: Carrie

Horror Movie #3:

Maybe the best Stephen King screen adaptation of them all, Carrie builds slowly and methodically to its crescendo and you will be riveted throughout.
Horror Movies #2: Rosemary's Baby

Horror Movie #2:
Rosemary’s Baby

This is probably the creepiest movie I’ve ever seen. It just has this vibe about it that feels like it could be happening right now in the apartment down the hall and you’d never even know it.
Horror Movies #1: Let The Right One In

Horror Movie #1:
Let The Right One In

This horror movie is destined to be a modern classic. Given all of the great movies that are unavailable on Netflix streaming, this one will probably be pulled soon so get this one in your queue NOW before it is gone. Trust me.