Lesser Known Horror Movies on Netflix Now

After compiling a top ten list of the best horror movies on Netflix today, some very smart folks wanted to know if there are any movies out on the ether that perhaps have fallen through the cracks of the average horror fan’s instant queue. That’s a tall order when you consider how voraciously horror fans devour the movies that are out there, but I’m up for the challenge. Here is the list of eleven lesser known horror gems on Netflix that are well worth watching and ready to stream right now. Even if you’ve seen one or all of them, you may want to go back for another peek.

Horror Gems #11: Severance

Horror Movie #11:

Good old-fashioned dark British humor makes this a slasher flick worth watching. The laughs are big and the kills are bigger.
Horror Gems #10: Red, White & Blue

Horror Movie #10:
Red, White & Blue

This is one of those violent revenge movies in the “I Spit On Your Grave” vein with an overpowering sense of dread throughout. It is a bloody, violent car crash, and you just can’t look away.
Horror Gems #9: Absentia

Horror Movie #9:

Low budget done right. The look and feel of this gem made me think of Paranormal Activity, and the scares are legit.
Horror Gems #8: Antichrist

Horror Movie #8:

This movie will mess with your head for days. If you are looking for something different, something that can’t be unseen, you are absolutely in the right place.
Horror Gems #7: The Signal

Horror Movie #7:
The Signal

While this movie has a couple of good scares, and more than enough gore to go around, it is the premise of the story that makes this movie memorable.
Horror Gems #6: S&Man

Horror Movie #6:

I almost didn’t put this one on the list, since it technically isn’t a “horror movie,” but it is horrific, and makes you think about how horror movies work and why we are so engrossed by them. If you want to see something that is both disturbing and thought-provoking, this is 90 minutes well-spent.
Horror Gems #5: The Road

Horror Movie #5:
The Road

Loved this one. It feels like a Korean/Japanese ghost story (though it was made in the Philippines) and delivers a tight story that has you glued to the screen from start to finish. Reminds me of “A Tale of Two Sisters,” which sadly, is not on Netflix.
Horror Gems #4: Session 9

Horror Movie #4:
Session 9

You’re going to recognize a lot of other horror movies at work here. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. Don’t let that get in your way and keep you from watching this one, though, because this horror movie delivers creep in spades, and I’m not just talking about David Caruso.
Horror Gems #3: The Last Circus

Horror Movie #3:
The Last Circus

There is just something about insane clowns that keeps me coming back for more. If Tarantino decided he wanted to make a psycho clown tour de force, I imagine it would look a lot like this.
Horror Gems #2: Dumplings

Horror Movie #2:

If you’ve seen Audition then you have an idea of how seriously effed-up Dumplings can be. If you are squeamish, skip it, otherwise jump in and prepare for a tense, stomach-turning ride.
Horror Gems #1: Stake Land

Horror Movie #1:
Stake Land

What the hell has happened to good vampire movies? I swear, since Twilight and True Blood, it just feels like vampires have turned into strippers and tweens. Thankfully, Stake Land has brought fangs back. Dark, rip your neck out, sparkle-free fangs.